This article covers the most common issues and problems that our users face when trying to complete a Face Capture check.

Check you have the right equipment

The Face Capture requires you to use a device that has a camera and microphone. If you do not have access to a device with these please contact the firm who sent you the check to arrange an alternative method of proving your identity.

I have started the request but I want to complete the Face Capture check on another device

If you have started the request on a device that does not have a camera and microphone but you have access to another device that has a camera and microphone. You can simply close down what you are doing on the first device and reopen the on another chosen device. The request process will pick up where you last left off and it will allow you to continue on the new device.

Why do I have to give permissions for my browser to access my camera and microphone?

When starting a Face capture check, depending on what browser you are using, and what settings you have, you will need to confirm access to the camera and microphone. Enabling permissions will allow us to use your camera to record video and your microphone to record audio. We will indicate to you when this recording is happening. Once your recording is complete, we no longer access your camera and microphone, unless you opt to re-record your video.

How do I check that I have the correct permissions enabled for my browser?

First we recommend you check which browser and operating software you are using. The website will give you those details. Please ensure you are running an up-to-date browser and try running the check again if you were required to update.

If you still have issues, please select the troubleshooting guide for the browser you are using.

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