If you’re using two-factor authentication and lose access to your authenticator app, you’ll need to use your one-time recovery code to access your Amiqus ID account.

You should have received a one-time recovery code when you initially setup two-factor authentication for your Amiqus ID account. If you need to generate a new one-time recovery code, complete this within Amiqus ID:

  • Log in to your Amiqus ID account
  • In the top right hand corner you will see your name and team name. Click on the arrow to open the user menu and choose "User Settings".
  • On the User Settings page scroll down to the Two-factor authentication section

If you have lost, or do not have access to, your one-time recovery code, please contact us via live chat on www.amiqus.coor email support@amiqus.co. Please note that you will be required to prove your identity in order to be able to unlock your account.

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