Our photo ID check can validate the authenticity of Passports (from over 140 different countries), Driving Licence and National Identity Cards, using the provider Onfido.

When you are reviewing an individuals photo ID result there are many things that are validated. It is important to understand what each result means. 

Photo ID results can show;

  • A green tick which shows the document shows no indication of being fraudulent.
  • Or an amber exclamation mark and red cross meaning the document has been processed but the image quality is too low to make a fraud assessment.

Below you will be able to find out a bit more information on what the photo ID result you have received means. 

Police record - This check flags whether the document has been reported as lost, stolen or compromised. If this has flagged up as amber/red then you may wish to investigate this further.

Visual Authenticity - This can flag up with an amber or red mark if there are signs that the document is fraudulent, or if our supplier Onfido cannot confidently say that the document is genuine.
E.g. The MRZ code at the bottom of a passport may have missing or extra characters.

Compromised Document -
If this is flagged with an amber or red icon, it can indicate that the identity document has been either recorded as lost, stolen or that the individual has been a victim of identity fraud.

As well as this, it can also indicate that the document was either taken from the internet or has been exposed publicly on the internet.

If you see this flag you may want to investigate further or get your MLRO involved.

Data Comparison -
This is an indication of whether the data supplied by the individual matches the data on the document. E.g. First name, Last name or DOB. A flag here would not be an indication of fraud.

Data Validation - This result is looking at if parts of the document are valid, e.g. MRZ code on a passport or a driving licence document number.
If there is an amber/red icon here it means that the document could potentially be fraudulent as the document number is in the wrong format.

Data Consistency - This result also looks at the validity of parts of the document. It looks specifically at the document code, e.g. MRZ code on a passport and will flag if the information in this code is not consistent with the rest of the information on the document.
This could be a sign of a fraudulent document and document tampering.

Image Integrity
- This result is looking at the quality of the image that has been uploaded to the system. The quality of the image could be in-sufficient for a few reasons;

  • The information is not legible due to it being a low-resolution image.
  • The MRZ code is not fully visible (it may be covered up or not clear enough).
  • Important information (such as name or DOB) is also not fully visible.
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