There are six states you can expect to potentially see once you’ve sent out an Identity check. They are;

Pending: Awaiting completion
This state will be visible when you have sent out an Identity check to an individual but they have not yet completed it.

Submitted: Processing

This state will be visible when the individual has submitted their information but we have not pulled the result yet from our provider.

Accepted: Identity has been accepted.

This state is visible when the combination of the individuals name and current address has been found in the TransUnion (formerly Callcredit) database. This therefore indicates that the individual named is linked to the address they provided. 

You will see positive outcomes for this result. You are able to hover over the question mark at the end of every outcome to find out more information about what it means.

You will also potentially see outcomes to review for this result. These outcomes may be things such as;

  • They are not registered on the Electoral Roll
  • They have CCJs against them
  • They may not have any SHARE records

If you are unsure of what these results mean you can again hover over the question mark at the end of every outcome. You can then discuss with your manager or MLRO around what the next steps are to verify this information.

Rejected: Identity has been rejected.

This state will appear when the database search cannot find the individuals name linked to the address that has been provided. 

This could be because of many reasons, E.g. They are registered at a different address or they do not have any bills etc in their name (may be in their partners name instead)

You can discuss with your manager or MLRO around what the next steps are.

Refer: Identity could not be validated, please review.
You will see this state when the database search has pulled back information that may not be sufficient enough for you to 'pass' the individual. 

E.g. You may see this if the date of birth could not be verified via this check. You will therefore need to take further action to verify these details if necessary.

Failed: There was a problem contacting our Identity provider.

This state occurs when there is a technical error. If you see this when reviewing an individual's result, you will need to get in touch with us at, or via the live chat, so that our support team can go in and re-submit this for you.

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