Our 'fuzzy matching' at Amiqus ID is set as 0.5, which our supplier of Watchlist data, ComplyAdvantage advise as the optimal level for 'fuzzy matching', meaning that you have a robust level of checking without a large amount of false positives.

What do I do if the check returns results? 

If results are found, the possible matches will be listed in order of probability based on a number of different factors, such as name, date of birth, country etc. 

The system will demonstrate a possible match and its classification for the following: 

  • PEP
  • Sanction 
  • Adverse Media

There is an in product guide that you can use to gain additional guidance as to the classification of the match. 

You can find this guidance at the top of the check, by clicking on ‘show match list categories’. 

You can then click on the arrow at the right hand side of each possible match to extend the view. In this view you will see the list that the possible match was found on as well as links to sources to find out more information. 

Once you are satisfied that there is not a match, you can then click ‘Disregard match’. 

If you feel that it is a correct match then you can click ‘Confirm match’. 

You can then make your risk based decision using the classification in the match list categories. 

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