Who does this check and what data do they have?

We partner with TransUnion (formlerly Callcredit) to provide access to a wide range of databases which include the electoral roll, international fraud register, court judgements, credit fraud agencies, birth and death registers, companies house, government sanctions lists and many others.

The electronic identity checks undertaken by Amiqus ID meet the requirements set out by organisations including the Law Society of Scotland, FCA, The Law Society, and CCAB

Are you doing a credit check and will this affect my credit rating? 

No, a credit search does not form part of an Identity Check. A mark will be noted on your file to confirm that an identity check has been undertaken. This will show as a, "enquiry footprint". This provides you with the information on the third party data source asked to undertake the check.

Your credit rating will not be affected.

Who will see the data that is searched?

The Identity Check search process is a secure, automated and electronic process.
No access to databases or personally identifying data from bureau searches is provided to any third party.

Amiqus ID makes a unique and individual request to cross check records against an individual or business. The result of the request in most circumstances will confirm a verified identity and the enquiring business is provided with confirmation.

What is data checked against?

Data provided by clients is checked against TransUnion's various sources to provide an identity check result. Amiqus ID provides a list of specific outcomes. The sources for these are as follows:

Date of BirthPrimarily matched against SHARE data (see below).

SHARE RecordsA closed user group of UK credit lenders sharing positive and negative account performance data.

Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)TransUnion's PEP file is compiled from a number of sources to help firms meet regulatory compliance.

HM Treasury Financial SanctionsFinancial sanctions list provided by HM Treasury.

Bankruptcies, Administration Orders or Insolvencies (BAIs)
Created from adverse public data published in the last six years by the Insolvency Service.

Postcode Address File (PAF)PAF - the Postcode Address File from Royal Mail provides access to 1.8 million UK postcodes and over 29 million residential and business addresses. These are constantly updated and verified by ninety thousand postmen and women, making updates to 3,500 records each day.

County Court Judgments (CCJs)Created from all adverse public data published in the last six years provided by courts across UK jurisdictions and channelled through Registry Trust Ltd.

Electoral RollThe Electoral Register is collected from local authorities in the UK. Inhabitants aged 18 and above along with individuals turning 18 in the current year are also identified. The main update is annually with monthly changes provided to Rolling Register.

HALO deceased registerA deceased database sourced from a trusted third party. 

General Register Office (GRO) deceased register
Deceased dataset - UK sourced from the General Register Office

Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Specially Designated Nationals databaseCompiled by the United States Treasury, it also lists non-country specific individuals, groups, and entities, such as known terrorists and narcotics traffickers. A list of individuals and companies owned or controlled by, or acting for or on behalf of, designated countries.

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