If you are having trouble uploading your photo ID, please see the possible issues and resolutions below. 

  1. This can occur if your internet connection is not strong enough. If you are using cellular network please try again on a strong and stable  Wifi connection.
  2. We understand that you may have trouble uploading your Photo ID if the operating system on your device has not been updated. Please ensure that your operating system and internet browser version are up to date. 
  3. From time to time there can be small bugs with different internet browsers. You can try to switch to an alternative internet browser to complete your check. Any checks that you have already completed will be saved and when you open the verification request email in a different browser, you will just be required to confirm your details and will then be taken straight to the Photo ID stage. 
  4. If 1-3 do not alleviate the issues, then the alternative is to try another device if possible.
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