Criminal Record checks are a useful tool for employers and those in Legal Services. These checks are performed using either the Disclosure and Barring Service or Disclosure Scotland (which of these you have enabled will depend on the location of both you and your client). There are three levels of check: Basic, Standard, and Enhanced. Please see below a list of the differences between these three levels of check.


This is the most common type of check performed. It shows any unspent criminal convictions within the UK, and requires just a few personal details from your client as well as proof of identity. 


This check shows not only unspent, but also any spent criminal convictions, as well as any reprimands, cautions or warnings. This type of check is only available to employers in order to perform checks on their employees.


This check shows all of the above, as well as whether the client is on any Children’s or Adults’ Barred Lists. It shows any relevant police record information as well as whether they have been barred from working with vulnerable people. This type of check is common for those working in hospitals, schools, or care facilities.

What type of check should I perform?

The type of check you should perform is dependent on the purpose of the check. For further information, please refer to the websites below or contact your Amiqus Account Manager.

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