What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is a doorway to accessing an operating system, application or software service. APIs communicate with each other so that one application or software service can be integrated with or linked to another.

Why use an API?

If you would like to add functionality to your existing software systems by integrating a new application or software service, an API makes that possible. APIs can be used by businesses to bring the functions of multiple applications into one space, for example, to maintain the accuracy and consistency of data or to avoid the duplication of work.

What does the Amiqus ID API do?

The Amiqus ID API lets you manage client data and verification requests without the need to exit your current case management software. Through our API you can create new requests; check information on existing requests and add new clients, as well as fetch, edit and delete existing clients from within your existing case management software. Essentially, our API allows you to integrate Amiqus ID into your current system for ease of use and efficiency.

How is the Amiqus ID API integrated?

This depends entirely on how your API team decides to build the integration. Through our API, Amiqus ID can send information or receive commands, but it is your API team who are in control of how you will use and present the integration within your existing case management system.

Where will my branding appear?

Using our API, you can create new Amiqus ID requests and send them to clients through your own case management system, however those clients will still need to go through the Amiqus ID shopfront to complete their requests. Your branding will be displayed as normal when you, for example, issue an Amiqus ID request via secure link.

What support does Amiqus ID provide?

Detailed resources will be provided to your IT team including complete instructions on how to set up, integrate and use the Amiqus ID API effectively. Further technical support from the Amiqus ID team is available on agreement.

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