To complete a requested check through Amiqus ID, please follow these simple steps;

1. Request email

You will have received an email from the company sending the request, near the foot of the email, there is a green button titled 'Start your verification request'. 

Click this button and the unique link will allow you to access a secure portal.  

2. Detail confirmation

Confirm your details are correct and agree to the terms, conditions and rights to process your data in order to proceed.

3. Personal details

You are required to provide your full name as it appears on identity documents in addition to details of address, date of birth, email address and contact phone number. Some of this may already have been populated by the organisation sending the check.

Spelling mistakes in your name can be reported to the requesting organisation at this point.

4. Checks

Depending on what checks are requested, you will be asked to complete the following;


Your details are taken forward from the previous form with the ability to add more information. Confirmation of data processing acceptance is collected, the information is submitted, and the check is performed. 

Photo ID

The Photo ID check can be completed either by using a smartphone, tablet or desktop based webcam or by scanning the document and uploading a file.  A driving license, passport or a national photo identity card can be used for over 140 countries. 

Document Request

Additional documents can be uploaded allowing for multiple file types and sizes. These might be utility bills or bank statements depending on instructions given.

5. Confirmation email

Lastly you will receive a confirmation email on completion of the individual steps. This provides contact details for any unanswered questions.

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