A “client” is a person you with wish to run checks on in the system.

To learn how to create a client, just follow our simple step by step guide;

  1. Log into you Amiqus ID account
  2. Click on "Clients" in the main navigation.
  3. Select “New Client” on the top right of the Clients page.
  4. This will open the Add a new client page where you can enter their name, email address and other details.
  5. When creating a new client, input the individual’s full, legal name as it would appear on any identification documents and email address.
    💬 If a person is known as Tom but their full name is Thomas, Thomas should be entered here.
    You can choose to add a reference code which may help when searching and finding clients in future.
    You can also link the client into an existing organisation or create a new one to add them to.
  6. Finally, select “Add Client” and you will be redirected to this new client's Overview page.
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