You can link a Amiqus ID client to a Clio contact by following these simple steps;

  1. Log into your Amiqus ID account
  2. Make sure your Clio account is already connected to your Amiqus ID. If not, follow these instructions.
  3. Once connected, click on the "Clients" tab in the main navigation
  4. On the Clients page click the "New client" button in the right hand corner and you will be taken to the New clients form
  5. On the New clients form you can manually enter information, or alternatively choose the option to import clients from Clio. To do this just click the "Import from Clio" button.
  6. Now you can choose which contact to import from a dropdown that has appeared at the top of the form. When you select a contact their name and email address will be imported to Amiqus ID.
  7. Once the client has been created you will be able to export their latest check results and client activity to Clio.
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