A request contains checks that you need a client to perform. It's really a way to group a number of checks at once which can either be sent to them via email or completed in person.

The progress of a request is displayed through statuses;

  • Expired before submission - The request has expired before being submitted by the person. 
  • Request process stopped - The request cannot be continued due to a name change report.
  • Request not started - The request has not yet been started by the person. 
  • Request in progress - The request has been started and some information submitted. 
  • Action required on submitted request - A request that has been submitted and requires further action in order to be ready for review.
  • Ready for review - The request has been submitted and all data is now available to be reviewed.
  • Reviewed - A request status will appear as reviewed after you have manually marked a request as reviewed because you are happy the data has been reviewed and is finished with.

A request will expire after 10 days at which point a request can be reactivated and resent. This is to encourage your clients to complete their checks in a timely fashion.

A request can be archived which hides it from the system. Archiving a request can be easily reversed. 

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